Phil Cranmer will protect Milton

Right now, the City of Milton is facing a challenge. The world around our unique community is changing, and we’ve been able to preserve the strength of our city and the nature of the slower life we take pride in. That quality of life we cherish is only one election away from taking a turn for the worse.

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Phil Cranmer: Committed to Preserving Milton's Charm and Community Spirit

Phil Cranmer is a passionate and devoted community leader who has been an active resident of the City of Milton, GA, for the past 17 years. With a heart for community service and an unwavering commitment to preserving the unique nature of Milton, Phil has dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of life for all residents. Alongside his wife, Christina, and their two children, Phil is a proud resident of the Bethany Creek Subdivision, where his family's values are deeply rooted in the community's rich agrarian and equestrian heritage.

In 2016, 82.86% of voters approved $25 million in bonds to acquire land for preserving greenspace inside of Milton. This land is dedicated to preserving our quality of life without any development taking place.

Phil Cranmer has a proven track record of protecting Milton's quality of life

Let’s protect the heart of Milton together. Join Phil in preserving the rural, agrarian, and equestrian nature that makes Milton the gem that it is. Your support can keep Milton’s charm alive for generations to come.

Milton's unique identity as an equestrian community is preserved with the help of the Equestrian Community, a diverse group of individuals, appointed by the Milton City Council, experienced in various equestrian disciplines, lifestyles, related businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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Phil is dedicated to hearing your voice and respecting your ownership of our great city. Have something you want to communicate to Phil? Click the button below to connect with the campaign.

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