Phil Cranmer: Committed to Preserving Milton's Charm and Community Spirit

Right now, the City of Milton is facing a challenge. The world around our unique community is changing, and we’ve been able to preserve the strength of our city and the nature of the slower life we take pride in. That quality of life we cherish is only one election away from taking a turn for the worse. 

Phil Cranmer is running to preserve the pride in Milton we hold so dear. Phil has called Milton home for 17 years and he understands that its unique charm lies in the beautiful green spaces and agrarian and equestrian culture.

Unchecked development and an unresponsive government could threaten the serene beauty of our city. This could mean losing the open spaces we cherish, the winding horse trails we love, and the strong community bonds we have nurtured over the years. The absence of an advocate who understands and shares the values of our community can lead to decisions that don’t reflect what we hold dear.

Phil Cranmer is committed to being that advocate.

  • Phil has a proven track record as the Bethany Creek HOA president, where he collaborated with neighbors to preserve the identity of their neighborhood. He will bring that same dedication to the City Council to protect our quality of life in Milton.

  • Phil believes in bridging the gap between government, residents, and businesses. He will fight to return a voting location to District 3 and remove special interests from our city government.

  • Parks and Recreation are essential components to a thriving community and play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for our residents.   As a member of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board, Phil is committed to finding ways that our city can do more to preserve green space and expand active park access for residents.

  • Phil is not just an advocate but a dedicated member of the community, volunteering with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Parish Council for St. Thomas Aquinas, The Knights of Columbus, Habitat for Humanity, and The Drake House.

  • Phil would like to take a measured and thoughtful  approach to ensure Milton’s Hwy 9 corridor is a vibrant destination area for both businesses and residents alike. 

Let’s protect the heart of Milton together. Join Phil in preserving the rural, agrarian, and equestrian nature that makes Milton the gem that it is. Your support can keep Milton’s charm alive for generations to come.

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